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Mason & Hamlin

Mason & Hamlin Piano Sales, San Diego, CA

Mason & Hamlin ensures legendary quality with a limited production of less than 300 hand-built pianos per year. Each new piano is a one-of-a-kind original.

Mason & Hamlin uses Wessell, Nickel and Gross piano actions made from advanced composite and carbon fiber materials. They are built to microscopic tolerances and designed for precise performance, speed and power. {Mason & Hamlin catalog, 2014}.

Exclusive Authorized Mason & Hamlin Dealer for San Diego County

Benefits of these patented designs include: Unmatched durability; Resistance to humidity & dry climate; Increased repetition speed; Smooth, even touch; More power; Better Control; Less Maintenance; Stronger than wood; No swelling or shrinking. {Mason & Hamlin catalog, 2014}.

Berkley Piano is the Exclusive Authorized Mason & Hamlin Dealer for San Diego County. Call Russell at 858-488-5810 to schedule a playing today.