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“We debated about whether to sell our 1939 Steinway console rather than spend the money to rebuild it, but when the job was done and the piano was back home, we marveled at the quality of craftsmanship Russell provided us for the price. The finish Russell achieved is absolutely astonishing…and his passion for these pianos is palpable. We can hardly express our appreciation enough — to be completely honest, when I saw and heard our piano, I wept with joy!”

Marilyn Noonan, San Diego, CA on the restoration of her 1939 Steinway.

“Visiting his shop was impressive, as it was obvious how impeccably he does his work...This is his passion, and because it is, the finished product reflects his pride...All of his subcontractors were extremely careful, and courteous...Our appreciation of his talents, his follow through on commitments, and the resulting pleasure and enjoyment cannot be adequately expressed in words...”

John & Laurie Fisher, San Diego, CA on the identification—and restoration—of their Steinway 1926 B Louis Art Case.

“Russell has been tuning our pianos for more than six years. When I decided I wanted to get a Steinway, he found the perfect piano for me, a 1925 Model M, and restored it beautifully. I love playing it every day! I visited his workshop during the restoration and got to see each step. His workmanship is superb, he is a true artisan at his craft...”

Amy Sheridan, San Diego, CA on the finding of—and repair done to—her 1925 M.

“The installation is seamless, and immaculate. It’s an unbelievable system. No one played the piano before, now we use it all the time. The selection of music is vast.”

Randy Aaron, Point Loma, CA on the installation of his cd player piano system.

“You made a special effort to find the right one. Then you made it a thing of beauty through your workmanship and talents. I couldn’t be happier!”

Joe Rattor, Scottsdale, AZ on the finding—and complete repair & restoration—of her used Kurtzman.

“(Russell was) the absolute model businessman: honest, reliable and a consummate professional in his craft...his work was flawless, on time and on price...If only all business relationships could be like this...”

Rich Redditt, Carlsbad, CA on the repair & restoration of his 1923 Steinway Model L Grand.